Another Year…

Happy New Year to all!

As another year slips by, should we be sad that we are that much closer to the inevitable end or happy that we have passed one more milestone on this wonderful road of life?  I personally do not know.  As I grow older, I find myself thinking more and more about death, about that point of time when I will finally cease to exist: when the window to the world that is my consciousness will close.  Maybe writing (and any form of creative activity) is a defence against this ultimate unknown.

I have been away for some time now from this space: one of my periodic bouts of inactivity, when I am unable to write anything serious.  I have started about two or three posts in the past three weeks, but all of them got stuck midway.  It was then that I decided that I should take a break.

Also, life intervened: my marriage completed a quarter of a century on December twenty-seventh, and we took a trip up to the charming seaside town of Khor Fakkan to celebrate.  Two days of sun, sand and the sea; eating, sleeping or just chilling out; quality family time.

I have been watching the amateur Malayalam drama competition conducted under the aegis of the Kerala Social Centre in Abu Dhabi – this also eats into the available free time.  There is a play almost every night.  Most of them are of a surprisingly high quality, considering the fact that the participants are all part-timers with strenuous day jobs.  The festival goes on up to the 6th of January.

So hopefully I will be back with my regular weekly posts from next Friday onwards.  My friends who visit Sacred Space regularly – please don’t go away!

Once again, have a wonderful year.


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