Salute to a Great Soul

I am going on vacation to India on Thursday, and shall be away for practically a month.  I was thinking of making a post in the usual vein – about books, movies or literary/ mythical themes.  However, something has happened which has resulted in a change of plans.  I have to pay tribute.

A great soul has left us.  An Indian, even after becoming the country’s first citizen, has forever identified with the common man.  A scientist who while crunching the numbers, never lost his touch with the music of nature.  An engineer who, while reaching for the stars, had his feet firmly rooted in the earth.


Dr. Kalam, sir, as a technocrat you were an inspiration to the engineer in me.  As a statesman, you were a source of pride to me as an Indian.  As a human being, you were an ideal to strive for.

Your loss is irreparable.  Even though it is almost a cliché nowadays, I have to say this – when they made you, they really threw the mould away.



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