Back in Harness…

I returned from India on the 25th of August, after 18 days of “vacation” (the quotation marks signify that the vacation was anything but, compared to what is usually meant by the term!).  For an expatriate Indian, vacations are hectic; a thousand-and-one tasks to be carried out in the limited period of a month.  By the time it is over, one is physically and mentally exhausted… literally.

This time around, the monsoon failed big time in Kerala, so there was no respite from the sweltering heat.  The sweating was so profuse that I had to bath multiple times a day just to keep away the stink.  And the power failures (less frequent now than the olden days, thank God) did not help.

Now I am back at my work desk and still suffering from serious vacation blues.  I will slowly slide into routine as the week progresses, I expect: and I also expect that I will be updating my blog regularly.

So keep on visiting, fellow traveller on the world-wide web!  I look forward to it.