A Quick Post to Round Off the Year

2015 is on its deathbed: in just over seven days, it will fade into history and the young 2016 will take its place.  As years go, it has been turbulent both nationally and internationally.  India has been at its divisive worst, with Hindu fundamentalists bent on “going back to the roots” on one side and leftists and liberals on the other side: the idea of a secular India is facing its greatest challenge.  Internationally, the rise of Daesh (the ISIS) and the turbulence in the Middle East, wars and atrocities leading to the displacement of millions and the worst refugee crisis in recent times, rising xenophobia in the west and the probable collapse of the European Union all seems to be heralding a period of prolonged unrest.  This, coupled with the falling oil prices and a possible worldwide depression around the corner, does not augur well for the future.

But on the birthday of one prophet and the eve of the birthday of another, I prefer to be optimistic.  After all, there are small rays of hope like the Paris summit on global warming.  Like William Faulkner said, I believe that man will not only endure – I believe that man will prevail.  Because optimism and the dogged determination to go on is all mankind has left: if we lose that too, we lose everything.

On that note, I am signing off for the year with this brief post.  I am going for a short and sweet vacation to India and shall be back on the blogosphere by the first week of January.

Au Revoir!





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