Those who have been following my blog would have noticed that of late, my posts have become rather sporadic, and many of them repeats of previously published reviews.  The fact is that I am going through an extremely stressful period in my life: I have lost my job in the Middle East, and have to relocate to India by end May.  I have to shift my son (who is going on to Grade 10) to a school back home, and settle my family there – a very hectic schedule indeed.

I will be on a sabbatical from this space for the period of a month.  Hopefully I will be back in May.  So I ask all my friends to bear with me, and send good thoughts.

Au revoir!


7 comments on “Sabbatical

  1. A loss for the Middle East, but then why worry about the Middle East. We are sure you will come out of this stronger than you ever were. All the very best. We will wait for you.

  2. Definitely you will come back with big bang..and never loose hope..All the very best and I strongly believe that u will come out of this situation shortly

  3. Hope that things have resolved themselves positively in your life. Sorry for the late response. I was also absent from this space for a long time. A move across the country and an accident. Please remember that all situations which prima facie appear stressful and negative, ultimately make one stronger. God bless!

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